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ACS Job Descriptions: Janitors and Cleaners

ACS is always looking for guys and gals who want to grow with us as Janitors and Cleaners.  We offer flexible hours, good pay and advancement .

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Job Title: Janitors and Cleaners.  Your Immediate Supervisor is The Team Lead.

If your Team Lead is unavailable, next in charge is the on-duty Office Manager.

What Are Janitors and Cleaners Expected To Do?

Janitors and Cleaners are responsible for performing a wide range of cleaning and maintenance duties. As exact tasks of janitorial are not definite, therefore, these professionals must show flexibility in performing assigned duties as mentioned below.

Minimum Qualifications: Prefer high school or GED. Short-term on-the-job training. Fluent in speaking, reading, writing English to communicate with clients and co-workers. Driver’s license and vehicle helpful. Smartphone a must for clocking in/out, communication, etc.

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities for Janitors and Cleaners:

  • Empty and clean all waste containers.   Remove waste paper and garbage from the premises to selected area; damp wipe container.
  • Empty and clean all ashtrays, monitor all sand urns supply and restore sand as required.
  • Dust all image frames, charts, graphs and wall hangings.
  • Damp dirt all ceiling air conditioning diffusers, partition grilles, register and other ventilating louvers.
  • Dust the outside surfaces of light fixtures, together with glass and plastic enclosure.
  • Vacuum all mats and carpeted areas in workplace, lobbies and corridors.
  • Hand dust and clean all office furnishings, files, fixtures, paneling, window sills and all other flat surfaces.
  • Keep bathrooms/sink rooms/kitchen areas in a dirt free, tidy and arranged condition.
  • Wipe clean and buff all metal hardware fixtures and added bright work.
  • Appropriately clean and polish tile floor services as required.
  • Follow all security and workers rules and regulations. Damp wipe and buff all glass furnishings.
  • Dust and/or wash all index boards as necessary, eliminate fingerprints and smudges.
  • Clean entry door glass: indoor and outer surface.
  • Brush or dust mop floors.
  • Clean or damp mop exterior entry areas.
  • Remove all stains from vertical surfaces such as doors, door frames, around light switches, private entry glass and dividers.
  • Wash, clean and sterilize all water coolers. Bush, with broom, all private stairways; vacuum if carpeted.
  • Keep watch over stairwells and clean or damp mop spillage.
  • Damp, wash or clean any spillage in office and community areas as necessary.

ACS appreciates you for taking the time to look and consider working with us.  We’d love to have you on board.

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