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ACS invites you to apply to become an Environmental Technician.

ACS JOB DESCRIPTIONS: Environmental Tech

ACS is always looking for guys and gals who want to grow with us as Environmental Technician.  We offer flexible hours, good pay and a chance for advancement .

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Job Title: Environmental Technician.  Your Immediate Supervisor is The Team Lead.

If your Team Lead is unavailable, next in charge is the on-duty Office Manager.

What Are Environmental Technicians Expected To Do?

Job Summary: Environmental Technician shall be trained in the performance of 2 or more areas such as carpet cleaning, janitorial, house cleaning, or maid service. (See individual job descriptions for these.)

Minimum Qualifications: At least high school graduation or GED, able to read and follow directions, fluent in English to communicate with clients and co-workers. Short term on-thejob training. Drivers license and vehicle helpful. Smart phone a must for clocking in/out, communication, etc.

Major Job Duties: Duties are all those listed for the specific jobs as mentioned above that the individual performs.

ACS appreciates you for taking the time to look and consider working with us.  We’d love to have you join us.

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